Sudokwon Landfill

Dari semuanya, hal yang paling berkesan selama di Korea adalah mengunjungi tempat pembuangan sampah yang berada di Sudokwon Landfill, Guri-si, Incheon. Kondisinya sama saja, penuh sampah.. tapi segalanya benar-benar well organized. Resource retrieving facility of Guri-si dilengkapi dengan high efficiency incenerator sehingga remaining heat dari sana bisa dimanfaatkan untuk kolam renang maupun sauna. Dan yang paling unik.. dijadikan sarana rekreasi oleh masyarakat sekitar untuk observasi dan berolahraga..jogging, soccer ball, roller skate rink. Menjadi dream park….

Ingin sekali…Indonesia minimal Jakarta bisa punya fasilitas pengolahan sampah semegah dan secanggih itu. Semuanya demi kelangsungan generasi berikutnya. Selayaknyalah sampah harus benar-benar disortir secara terpisah, kita urus sampah yang bersumber dari diri sendiri..kalau bukan kita yang peduli, siapa lagi?

Sudokwon landfill site management Co.  58 Baekseok-Dong, Seo-Gu, Incheon, Republic of Korea.

1. Company Overview

Established under the Ministry of Environment in July, 2000 as a federal venture, today¡?s Sudokwon Landfill site Management Corp. (SLC) determinedly promotes appropriate treatment of urban waste matter, resource recovery and protection of our green planet as part of its duty to assist the formation of engaging landfill surroundings.

Since our inauguration SLC has succeeded in realizing sanitary landfills by applying the amassed waste collection techniques and the latest true to the concept of  Garbage as a resource by utilizing landfill methane as fuel to drive power generators: minimizing environmental issues, resource recovery, and yielding a three-in-one effect of odor elimination, environmental protection, and alternative energy development.

In addition to introducing a new dawn in waste treatment technology, SLC will form Korean premier environmental ecology park. This monumental amenity will include wildlife preservations and arboretums so that it may serve as a pictorial book of nature, filled with live treasures of ecological resources, and also serve as an advanced hands-on learning ground for all of its visitors. Beyond these direct benefits, the park will assist in the advancement of Korean technology into the South East Asian market and elevate the local economy as well by attracting tourists to visit this modern miracle.

Realizing this goal will translate into Sudokwon Landfill operating the worldwide most advanced resource recycling management system and completion of the 10 million Tree Planting Campaign and other projects under ecological park – a complete transformation of the landfill as Dream Park.

We ask for your deep rooted support and encouragement for our efforts and would also like to remind you to practice waste reduction recycling policies our government has drafted.

The entire personnel of SLC pledge to constantly out in our utmost efforts to even the smallest things and continue working with local residents to make Dream Park a reality.

2. Brief History

Jan. 14, 1985 Established wastes treatment measures by the order of president after closure of Nanjido Landfill site
Sep. 11, 1987 Determined the plan of securing the Sudokwon landfill site (approved by the president)
Feb. 2, 1989 Signed the contract on construction and operation of Gimpo landfill site by and among the Ministry of Environment, 3 cities and provinces)
Nov. 7, 1991 Established Metropolitan Landfill Operation and Management Corporative union (Seoul, Incheon, Gyeonggi Province)
Feb. 10, 1992 Started to carry in wastes (Gyeonggi Province), Seoul (Nov. 4, 1992), Incheon city (Nov. 6, 1992)
Jan. 21, 2000 (Act on establishment and operation of Sudokwon landfill site management corporation) proclaimed.
Jul. 22, 2000 (Sudokwon landfill site management corporation) inaugurated
Oct. 13, 2000 Started to use the 2nd Landfill
Mar. 1, 2001 Changed the time to carry in wastes (from both day and night to daytime only)

3. Organization

Planning and PR department
– Landfill operation and management department
– Resource development department
– General affairs department
– Facilities operation and management department
– Dream park development department
– Regional cooperation department
– Landscape architecture agency

4. Scope of Business

4-1. Disposal of wastes carried into landfill

4-2. Installation and management of base facilities for landfills and affiliated facilities

4-3. Installation and operation of the facilities to make wastes into resources

4-4. Fund-raising to support residents and vicinities

4-5. Decision on each of the following items and collection of charges
– Inward carriage charges for the disposal of wastes carried into landfills
– Charges added under the provision of article 8 on promotion for installation of waste disposal facilities in metropolitan area
– Charges to be collected from city mayors, province governors, chiefs of country offices district offices and persons who carry wastes into landfills and to be used in the establishment of waste disposal facilities

4-6. Environmental management of landfills and their neighbouring area

4-7. Installation and management of pollution control facilities

4-8. Development and operation of earth-excavating sites to secure soil to fill

4-9. Post management of landfills

4-10. Other works entrusted by the state or local governments regarding the establishment and operation of Sudokwon landfill site

* Source: ENVEX 2004 The 26th International Exhibition on Environmental Technologies 2004 Jun. 24, 2004, Seoul, Korea.